KDN Technologies is the developer of the Hyakume - IP Camera Video Client for Android, available on the Google Play Store and Amazon Appstore.
View & record IP camera video streams, remotely access local cameras
Hyakume is available in two versions:
10 Camera Entries
1 Camera List
H.264 & MJPEG Video
100 Camera Entries
10 Camera Lists
H.264 & MJPEG Video

The Hyakume ("Hundred Eyes") app lets Android mobile devices view and record the live H.264/MJPEG video streams produced by a wide variety of IP and Network Cameras (security, surveillance, doorbell, webcams, traffic, weather, etc).

In Relay Server mode, Hyakume streams its local Cameras over a router/gateway's public (WAN) IPv4 port, allowing secure remote access.

Camera entries can be added manually or through ONVIF Device Discovery.

► Manual: Enter the Camera's IPv4 address.

► Discovery: locate ONVIF-compliant Cameras on the local network.

Name the Camera, enter the video stream path, format and port and save it.

Cameras in the active Camera List are polled regularly and display a video thumbnail image and polling timestamp if online.

Tap a Camera to open its live video stream. While viewing it, you can record video segments and capture snapshot images.

You can review the saved video and image files in the app and upload them later for sharing and archiving.

Relay Server

Hyakume can be operated as a dedicated Relay Server:

1. In Settings, enable the Relay Server and assign a listening port and userid/password.

2. Port-forward the Server's IPv4 address on the local router/gateway if necessary.

3. Start the Relay Server to begin listening for remote connections.

Add the Relay Server on your Hyakume client to access your Cameras remotely.

Remote connections are secured by strong TLS/SSL encryption and mandatory authentication.

Enable the Web Client to allow remote Camera access from desktop/mobile web browsers.

Remote access is FREE. All you need is a spare Android device and a decent Internet connection.

• Supports 100 Camera entries in 10 Camera Lists (Paid version)
• Supports the H.264/RTSP & MJPEG/HTTP video streaming formats
• Records video and captures snapshot images
• Discovers local ONVIF devices
• Remote connections secured by strong TLS/SSL encryption
• Web Client allows remote viewing by desktop/mobile web browsers
• Basic motion detection
• Displays cameras in List or Grid format, Dark or Light mode
• Comprehensive Reference & Overview sections
• Designed for phones & tablets
Note: Android 4.4 (API 19) devices are limited to viewing and relaying MJPEG/HTTP video streams.
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