KDN Technologies is the developer of the Hyakume IP Camera Viewer app for Android, available on the Google Play Store
View, Record & Relay Live IP Camera Video Streams (H.264/MJPEG)

In Japanese folklore, the Hyakume (百目 - "hundred eyes") is a man-sized creature identified by the multitude of large, unblinking eyes covering its body. Shy and reclusive, the Hyakume often shelters in and protect abandoned temples overnight.

Use the Hyakume app to view & record the live H.264/MJPEG video streams produced by a wide range of IP cameras (security, surveillance, doorbell, webcam, baby/pet monitors, traffic, weather, etc.).

You can define & store up to one hundred Camera links in 10 separate Camera Lists (10 Cameras per List).

You can organize your Camera Lists by Camera location (Home, Office, Storage, etc.).

Add a new Camera to the active Camera List by providing a unique name, IPv4 address, video stream path, format & port number.

(ex. Living Room,, /video/h264/ch0, H.264, 85)

You can also use the ONVIF discovery tool to find & list new IP cameras on the Camera location's local network.

Verify newly-added Cameras by tapping the "Test this Connection" button in the "Add Camera" screen to generate a snapshot image.

Cameras in the active Camera List are continuously polled & will display a polling thumbnail image & timestamp if online.

Tap an online Camera to view its live video stream.

While viewing the stream, you can record video segments, capture snapshot images, & expand the view to full-screen.

Recorded video & images are saved for review & archiving in the industry-standard H.264 & PNG formats. All video & image files are created in the original Camera resolution.

If you have any Camera locations with Cameras you'd like to access remotely & securely, you can run Hyakume as a dedicated Relay Server (a spare Android device is required).

Relay Server Setup
• Install Hyakume on the device & add local IP Cameras to your DEFAULT Camera List
• In Settings, enable Relay Server mode & specify a username/password & listening port number
• Enable the Web Client module to allow remote access from desktop/mobile web browsers
• Port-forward the Relay Server's IPv4 address & selected port on your router/gateway if necessary
• Start the Relay Server to enable free remote access

on Hyakume devices, add the Server as a new Relay Server using its external IPv4 address & listener port.

NOTE:  Remote connections are secured by strong TLS/SSL encryption & mandatory client authentication.

Hyakume Features
• Supports the low-latency H.264 & MJPEG video streaming formats
• Records video segments & captures snapshot images
• ONVIF device discovery locates local IP cameras
• Relay Server provides FREE remote access
• Basic motion detection
• Displays cameras in List/Grid format, Dark/Light modes
• Designed for phones & tablets
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